So you’re taking the plunge…you won’t regret it


The time has come to spend time with one of Toronto’s most beautiful Companions. Since you’re here and reading this, then you’ve already come to the right place.

At Toronto Fantasy, our team of Companions, Toronto Escortes and expert staff help you every step of the way to plan your encounter. Trust us, this wasn’t meant to be difficult… just the opposite.

Toronto Escorte Etiquette Tips


  • Always be a gentleman, it goes a long way and is greatly appreciated.
  • Hygiene is very important to all of us. Our Toronto escorte Companions are always fresh, clean, and appropriately attired. Please respect them and do the same.
  • Enjoy a drink with your Companion, but please refrain from drinking too much. Only opper drinks from unopened bottles, and please be courteous and allow your Companion see you open it.
  • We also do not allow the use of non-prescription drugs, or the abuse of prescription drugs. We reserve the right to cancel an appointment if we suspect you are under the influence.
  • Please abide by our Toronto escorte Companions schedules. Schedules are posted each Sunday afternoon, and the availability listed online is always up to date. If you’re not able to view our portfolio online, just give us a call.
  • In the interest of fairness, we cannot switch out or swap appointments if it affects another client.
  • When your Companion arrives, take some time to let her get comfortable before you start making plans.
  • Have the donation ready. An unmarked and unsealed envelope laying on a coffee table or countertop is perfect.
  • Your Companion will call in to the Agency or to the Driver at the beginning and end of the appointment. It is our process that all Toronto escortes check in at the appropriate times during your encounter. Please understand this and be respectful.
  • Please don’t ask personal questions or pry for intimate details about your Companion. This include her real name, address, phone number, age, or proof of any such thing. Please do not inquire about her other Clients or for any specific details about the agency. She will not answer them. Don’t forget this is fun for her to and she wants to be someone else for a little while.
  • Do not try to renegotiate time or get a few extra minute with her. It’s unfair to everyone involved in the scheduling process. Please work through the agency.
  • We do our best to plan for unforeseeable delays such as traffic or weather, but please be patient if this happens. We will accommodate you for any delay.
  • Relax and enjoy your time with one of our special Toronto escorte Companions. After all, you’ve earned it.