Toronto Escort Agency FAQ

A Few Words From Chloe

When considering booking a Companion for the first time, please take a few moments to review our frequently asked questions section. Our experience as a Toronto Escort Agnecy tells us these are the most common questions asked by our clients.

Also, please remember that Toronto Fantasy, a leading Toronto Escort Agency, works diligently to offer the highest standards and best experiences to our Companions and our Clients. We work within all legal guidelines, and have a rigorous internal code of conduct to ensure safety for everyone involved.

If you think we have any further questions about your services or our Companions, please contact us by phone or email.

Toronto Escort Agency Fantasy Companions

Do you have additional photos of your Companions that can be sent to me privately, possibly including nude photos?

Toronto Fantasy does not take nude photos of our Companions. Some of the male interns have tried to sneak into the dressing room, but they go missing. The implication of this would be that we offer sexual services, which we absolutely do not. Although, there’s nothing stopping you from booking one of our beautiful Companions and charming the clothes off her as two consenting adults.

Can you send me a picture of the Companion’s face?

We don’t do this out of respect for the privacy of our Companions. At Toronto Fantasy we value discretion and the privacy of both our Companions and clients. We can assure you, however, that our Companions are beautiful inside and out.

Are your photos real?

Yes of course, all photos are professionally taken and updated annually.

Where can Companions travel to for outcall dates?
Is it a good idea to book in advance?

We recommend that you make your request as far in advance as possible. Our Toronto Escort Agency does our best to accommodate bookings up to several months in advance if you have a particular Companion in mind.

Same day bookings are accommodated based on a Companion’s availability that day, but please call or text us for short notice bookings. As well, please provide us with at least a one-hour grace period to ensure we have a Companion for you.

I am a person with disabilities, is this a problem for your Companions?

Of course not. Please let us know of any special arrangements we need to know about at the time of booking, any of our ladies would be more than happy to accommodate.

Can Companions be booked as entertainers for parties?

No. At our Toronto Escort Agency, we do not provide dancers or entertainment for parties at this time.

What can I do to prepare for my Companion?

Our Companions are always dressed to impress and take excellent care of themselves. Please do the same and have an envelope ready for your Companion with the donation in plain sight.

Most of your Companions are showing as fully booked, how far in advance do I need to book?

We update our Companion’s schedules on Sunday afternoons. Many clients let us know in advance of that and we accommodate those requests as best we can. Very often, a girl goes up on the website as fully booked right away. Clients sometimes do need to cancel, which will open up a spot for another booking, so please keep an eye on the website. We don’t keep your personal info, so we don’t have your number to let you know unless you specify that you would like us to.

What activities are Companions available for?

We suggest some of the following activities to enhance your time with a Companion from Toronto Fantasy:

Dinner at a great restaurant
Walks along the beach at sunset
Deep conversation
Travel and adventures
The movies

If you need ideas, please just give us a call or text, we would be glad to help.

Can I ask a Companion to be sexually intimate with me?

Unfortunately, no. There’s a law in play that states you can’t even ask. If you ask one of our Companions to be sexually intimate, she has to decline as per our internal standards. If this request is pursed the Companion will leave.

Besides, why not just be charming and woo her the old-fashioned way? Learn to appreciate the hunt.

Can I book a Toronto Fantasy Companion for sex?

No, the Canadian government has made this illegal. You’ve given your Companion a donation for her time, not for sex.

But I’m sure if you turn on the old charm, no court ruling in the land could tame a woman’s desire.

How will my Companion be dressed?

Fantasy Companions will always look classy for you, and will take requests. When entering an establishment, they will be discreet and appropriately dressed. There is no casual dress allowed unless requested by a client.

I’ve never booked a Companion before, what can I do to prepare?

We’ve got a page for that. Please take a look at our Etiquette section and get in touch if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Privacy and Security

I’m famous, I’m a public figure, I’m very well known in the city. Can we keep this between us?

We have confidentiality agreements and welcome them. All agreements will provide inclusions to protect the privacy and safety of the Toronto Fantasy Companions team, girls and all.

Do you keep my information, phone, name, etc.?

We do not. But if a client puts a Companion in danger or ignores our rules we will blacklist them.

Can I record, photograph, or share on social media my time together with your Companion?

We would ask that you refrain from doing this.  We want to protect everyone’s privacy as best we can.  Share a picture of your meal, but not the Companion herself please. Any infringements of privacy or safety that go against our Companion’s wishes or policies will be reported to the authorities.


Do you accept money transfers?

No, our appologies, not at this time.

Can I use your agency as a reference with other service providers who are asking for this?

Yes, you may. Please just let us know.

Do you accept credit cards?

Not yet, sorry.

Are you prices all-inclusive?

Yes they are. However, feel free to tip your Companion if you have had an especially good time.

Who do you recommend for me as the best Toronto Fantasy Companion?

What a tough question. Let us get to know you a bit and help you plan your encounter. Once we get a feel for you, we’ll be able to recommend a good match. Chemistry is so important, isn’t it?