Learn About How To Become An Escort And Join The Toronto Fantasy Family

Toronto Fantasy is a new female-owned and operated Companionship agency servicing Toronto. We pride ourselves on nurturing our solid reputation of being honest and professional, and true to our clients and employees.

Owned and operated by Chloe Amari, a former Companion herself. We understand what your needs are as a woman, and ensure you are comfortable working on our team. Whether you are considering entering the Companionship business, or if you are interested in switcing from another agency, or returining from an absence, our team at Toronto Fantasy
 work with you every step of the way.

Toronto Fantasy is made up of an experienced team of women who have been working in the industry for years. We are here for you any way we can be, even if it is just a stopover until you get that next opportunity in life. We like to think of ourselves as your support network while we work on our futures together.

Chloe Amari has been behind the scenes in the industry for a long time. Her philosophy is to bring the feeling of family and support back into the Companionship business through her own agency. Chloe is very hands on and takes care of most professional aspects of the agency.

At our agency, we want to give you the full support that you need to be independent and achieve your goals in life. The ladies we keep in touch with often tell us that working with us has allowed them to achieve goals they never thought they could. Ever woman has the power to make her life better, and at Toronto Fantasy that’s exactly our mission.

The standards we have for our Companions are some of the highest in the industry. All interested applicants are interviewed by Chloe who looks for class, personal beauty, and that special spark that makes a good Companion. Chloe and the team apply the same rigorous standards to selecting our clients as well.

Joining our team can literally change your life. It may seem daunting or scary, but we trust after a conversation with Chloe you will be put at ease.



Our Companions are some of the strongest women we’ve ever seen. They don’t settle for less from themselves or the agency that represents them. Something we never forget at Toronto Fantasy. We’re here to work for you. We want to show you what we can do for you. Therefore, when you are ready, please contact Chloe through our hiring email.

In you inquiry or hiring email, please include:

  • a description of yourself
  • your experience in and out of the Companionship industry
  • Non-nude phhotographs for our consideration

Emails that do not include the above information will require more time for us to sort through, so please be sure to include everything, and don’t forget the pictures! Best not to call either, the phone listed is for clients only.

Any info you give us is always kept confidential. We have no issue providing or signing these types of agreements.



If you are asked to attend an interview, you will meet with Chloe. All meetings with Chloe are conducted the same way. Please look your best; it’s a job interview after all. Please be punctual and dressed tastefully.

Safety is a priority for us for everyone involved. Our meetings are held in a public like a coffee shop in order to protect everyone involved. We ask that you do not bring along friends or family or to document your meeting on social media. If you need to reschedule we will try our best to accommodate you, but we might have to change your meeting date.

That’s all there is to it!  Once we’re happy with each other you’ll be invited to join the team.

Perks Of Being A Toronto Fantasy Companion

Immediate Benefits The Moment You Join
  • Very high hourly wages (contact us to discuss)
  • Build your own schedule, you’re essentially working for yourself
  • A team working towards your safety and well being
  • Work with experienced professionals who are looking out for you
  • Drivers that only drive one at a time (safety is our main concern)
  • We respect you and your boundaries. We mean it when we use the word “family”
  • We have the resources behind us to provide the very best in terms of marketing, visibility, safety, and perks
  • You will never wait in an office or vehicle for appointments or clients. We will come to you.
  • Premium accommodations, when are required
  • Wonderful clientele who will do their best to treat you with the respect you deserve
  • Special bonuses and perks (spa trips for two, dinners and lunches for two or your family, cosmetics, trips, financial bonuses, and more). We also take requests.
After The First 6 Months With Us
  • RRSP matching programs, up to 30% for Toronto Fantasy related income
  • Up to $3000 dollars per year for plastic and cosmetic surgeries (breast augmentation, teeth whitening, injectable enhancements, etc.)
  • Toronto Fantasy will gift you $3,000 towards your purchase of a new home or investment property to help with overwhelming costs of getting into real-estate these days.
  • Are you a student or want to go back to school? Sit with us to make a plan; we will give you up to $3000 to support you going back to school
After one year of loyalty
  • For every year of continuous employment and a specific number of shifts worked, Toronto Fantasy will gift you up to $5000 dollars…call it an appreciation award